What is Responsive Html Email??

A Responsive Html Email is a newsletter that has combination of html and inline css coding that allows it to display perfectly across different devices such as Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. For example, without making use of responsive emails, the same newsletter that shows up perfectly on a PC monitor  but in mobile devices not look good.

Responsive Html Email automatically adapts to all screen resolutions, allowing subscribers to read emails on the go with convenience and meeting a modern demand in mobile presence.

Responsive Html emails using media query css under a specific width. By default is for Desktop & Microsoft outlook version and when it goes to tablet and mobile devices, then the media query will be activated. Then the Email will shows perfectly in tablet and mobile devices.

Another one important thing is that for Outlook version Email's, always need to use outlook conditional code. i.e. <!--[if gte mso 9]> [ Test ] <![endif]->
Otherwise the email's in Outlook will be broken and looking poor.

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